Great emotions and the culture of digital games


From 15th to 19th September 2015 you can play with games in Hamburg! More than 150 events show the creative potential and emotions you can find in games. PLAY15 is annually hosted by the initiative Creative Gaming e.V. and proves that games, culture, education, economy, science and politics go together.

The program is divided into four parts: SEE, DO, TALK and PARTY: PLAY15 offers exhibitions, workshops, talks, performances, a conference and many more events that present to you the culture of digital games. This year, it is getting emotional! The topic “emotions and digital games” is this year’s focus: Do artificial intelligences have feelings? How does a game trigger emotions? Like a common thread emotions lead through all our events.

For the first time, the initiative awards the Creative Gaming Award, that honours the most creative and innovative digital games from Europe.
The expert panel chooses from more than 100 submissions from 20 countries and finally the winners will be announced during the awarding.

PLAY15 is here:  Alsterdamm School of Visual ArtsTerrace HillSAE InstituteMetropolis KinoBigpointHandelskammer InnovationsCampusUebel & GefährlichOhnsorg TheaterNachtasyl und Museum für Kunst und Gewerbe Hamburg.

To remember and excite you – our documentation of PLAY15:


PARTY – Performance/Party/Theatre

FRAKTUS * Yared Dibaba * Escape the Room * 8 Pauli

Poki * LEVEL1 * Poetry Slam * Machinima Theatre * Live Let’s Play and many more

Uebel & Gefährlich, Terrace Hill, Nachtasyl, Metropolis Kino, Ohnsorg Theater

TALK – PLAY Show/Short Inputs/Chatting Corner

Insert Moin * Uke Bosse * Kr0ne/Joshua Begehr * PietSmiet

Matthias Kempke * VR-Nerds * Indie Treff * Krachkisten Orchester and many more

Terrace HillBigpoint

SEE – Exhibition/Tours/Award

Line Wobbler * Supersample * Mimics * Creative Gaming Award

HAW * Daedalic * SAE * Rocketbeans * Bytro Labs and many more

Alsterdamm School of Visual Arts, Museum für Kunst und Gewerbe Hamburg

DO – Workshops/Courses/Education/Family Day

Game Design * Storytelling * Virtual Reality * Let’s Play

Art * Minecraft * Apps * Games Architecture * Game Jam/Lab and many more

Terrace HillBigpointAlsterdamm School of Visual Arts

CONFERENCE – Workshops/Inputs/Discussions

Life is Strange/DONTNOD Entertainment * Aki Järvinen * Mario AI

Psychology and Digital Games * Emotions * Digital Games as Systems

Handelskammer InnovationsCampus Hamburg, Terrace Hill

PLAY16 will take place from 2nd to 6th November 2016.