At PLAY15, you can experience an exhibition of innovative, creative and experimental games. With a special focus on the topic of “emotion” and the nominees of the first Creative Gaming Awards, young designers of Hamburg and international media-artists invite you to see, talk and play with them.

In addition, you can catch a glimpse at the local games industry with our regular studio-tours!


This year’s topic is all about emotions. Sweat in a ring of brawling playdough-dolls and a phyisical knight joust. Find your inner calm as a deer in the forest or while waiting for the right train. Transfer yourself into an unfamiliar enviroment, like the fear of a little child, the situation of a homeless beggar or the daily repetitive activities of a cashier or of a customs officer. Experience war and peace, love and hate.

The exhibits are partly digital, partly installations, and will be accompanied by an art exhibition. We are looking forward to all the present developers, especially the up and coming youngsters of Hamburg. Additionaly to the core exhibition, you can try out the nominees of the Creative Gaming Awards and creations of Creative Gaming Workshops.

The exhibition will be open for extra long hours during the Late View on Friday night! Before and after dancing to chiptune beats by our PLAY at Night music artists in Terrace Hill, you are invited to stroll around the Alsterdamm’s rooms to catch your breath.



  • Wednesday, 16.09.2015 10:00-19:00 Uhr
  • Thursday, 17.09.2015 10:00-19:00 Uhr
  • Friday, 18.09.2015 10:00 Uhr
  • Saturday, 19.09.2015 10:00-18:00 Uhr

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Among The Sleep

Among The Sleep
Krillbite Studios, Norway (2014) Among the Sleep is a first person horror, in which you play as a two year old child.  After being awoken abruptly by some mysterious sounds, you […]

Arctic Solitude

Steven Kaule, Germany (2015) Alone and strandet in the cold, you can’t stay at the warm fire forever. Find a way to escape the nothingness, orient yourself with flags and […]

Blocked In

Daniel Ernst, Netherlands (2013) Blocked in is the first in a sequence of diorama’s: For a moment you are going to step into a world in which time has no […]

Der grosse Gottlieb

DerGrosseGottlieb_Promo_S_GERMAN (Andere)
Daniel Ernst, Netherlands (2014) Der grosse Gottlieb is the second in a sequence of diorama’s: This one places the visitor on the tower of chairs of the greatest acrobat that […]

Dr. Langeskov, The Tiger, and The Terribly Cursed Emerald

dr langeskov
Jack de Quidt, William Pugh & Dominik Johann, UK + Deutschland (2015) Tigers can be a problem. You’ve got options here. You could dive into the bushes and try and […]

Duel 42

Jonas Hansen, Germany (2015) Duel 42 is about two men fighting a gentleman like duel on screen while the player’s hands engage in a wrestling match to press the right […]

Endless Express

Florian Veltman, Alexandre Taillefert, Felix Meunier and Martin Grugger, France (2015) You fell asleep in a train and find yourself in an unknown train station. Try to get home, be […]


Flex Roman, Loïc Perillier and Pol Clarissou, France (2015) Forever is endless cashiering. A surrealistic melancholic job simulator made in 28 hours on the theme Strawberry Fields Forever. The  ...

Game inspired mosaics

Paula Eick, Deutschland (2015) This detailed mosaics are made by the Artist “Einfach Paula”. Grown up in the age of tetris, video games inspired her art. In the PLAY15 exhibition two  ...

Game inspired paintings

Lina Wischnewski, Germany (2015) Mario Series- Acryl on Canvas- 50×100 cm - Fanart, inspired by the excelent “Mario” series . Fans will notice some of their most beloved games! Zelda […]

Gang Beasts

Boneloaf, UK (2015) Gang Beasts is a silly local multiplayer party game with doughy ragdoll physics and horrific environmental hazards. Boneloaf is a small independant game studio currently  ...

Goku I & II

Janis Vernier, Germany (2014 – 15) The GOKU Games are classical Point’n’Click Adventures with the twist of the player being stuck in a looping daily routine. Captured on an  ...

Hot Date

Hot Date
George Batchelor, England (2015) Hot Date fulfills unexpected needs: speed dating with dogs. “Dim the lights. Light candles. A romantic evening awaits. An evening of speed dating.” After the  ...


 Valentin Scheiner, Germany (2015) Classic puzzle platformer, which will drive everyone nuts. Players have to reach the end of each level, withoug being seen by the all seeing eye. Luckily, […]

Hurt Me Plenty

Robert Yang, USA (2014) Hurt Me Plenty is a short game where you spank the heck out of a dude and learn about how BDSM communities attempt to formalize consent […]

Jolly Jousting

jolly jousten
Elitza Todorova, Marvin Podsendek and Raphael Polte, Germany (2015) Jolly Jousting is an interactive medieval event in which two valiant knights may duel for honor and glory. These knights,  ...

Life is Short

Florian Veltman and Baptiste Portefaix, France (2015) From the first words to the last – Everything turns so fast. Experience the key moments of life in a bunch of seconds.

Line Wobbler

Robin Baumgarten, UK (2015) Line Wobbler is a one-dimensional dungeon crawler game with a unique wobble controller made out of an upside-down shoe tree and a several meter long ultrabright […]


Carina Anziger, Philip Sonnleitner, Dominik Winter, Bianca Zankl, Florian Peinsold, Austria (2015), Lucid is a 3D platformer with strong narration and the support of an eye-tracker, which  ...

Lumino City

State of Play Games, UK (2014) Lumino City is a handmade puzzle adventure game. By exploring the city, and using your ingenuity piece together all sorts of puzzling mechanisms to […]


Face It!
Navel, Germany (2015) Mimics is a team-based, local multiplayer party game about making a fool of oneself in front of friends and family and watch them do the same. Players […]


Pol Clarissou with main soundscape by NAWKSH, Frankreich (2015) A short unending daydreaming experienc.


Osmotic Studios, Germany (tba) Orwell is an interactive thriller about digital surveillance in which the player takes on the role of the watcher. As a new investigator in the governmental […]


Outcasted is a Serious Game and shows the world from the perspective of a homeless man. In the streets of a small town different challenges need to be mastered to […]

Powerdrive 2000

Megacom Games, Canada (tba) An arcade racer set in the year 2000…the future!  Get behind the wheel of a technologically advanced space-age sports car and tear it up as you battle […]

Push Me Pull You

Push Me Pull You
Push Me Pull You is a four-player videogame about friendship and wrestling. Joined at the waist, you and your partner share a single worm-like body and must wrestle the other […]

Realistic Kissing Simulator

Realistic Kissing Simulator
Jimmy Andrews and Loren Schmid, USA (2014) The hard facts of french-kissing are taught in this co-op game. With the Realistic Kissing Simulator, developed by Jimmy Andrews and Loren Schmidt, […]

Signalis 2

Barbara Wittmann and Alexander Zwerger, Germany (2015) Strandet on an frightening and alien planet, a lonly robot searches for help. A top-down survival horror in pixels.


Urban Intervention, Germany (2015) The greek mythology describes Sisyphos as a clever and with wisdom blessed king of Korinth, son of Aeolus. Instead for good, he used his talents for […]

Sputnik Eyes

Shelly Alon, Germany (2015) A puzzle game that will take you on a journey across space. Help the little Eyes to scan and explore each planet on the way. The […]

Supersample – Pixels at an Exhibition

At the special exhibition “Supersample”, over 20 artists and illustrators show their visions of their favorite games. Pac Man, Donkey Kong, Galaga and Legend of Zelda – on  ...


nyamnyam, UK (2014) Tengami leads you on an atmospheric journey through a virtual pop-up book. The scenery of a fairytale, Japan from an earlier period raises many puzzles and mysteries […]

The Deer God

The Deer God
The Deer God is an atmospheric survival platformer with a randomly generated 3D pixel world. Explore a vast and gorgeous land, teeming with life of all kinds: rabbits, foxes, wolves, […]

The Marchland

themarchland_promo (Andere)
Daniel Ernst, Netherlands (2015) The Marchland is the third in a sequence of diorama’s: It puts the visitor in a toll booth where the unseen passes by. Spectres of cars […]

Valiant Hearts

Valiant Hearts
Ubisoft Montpellier, France (2014) The animated graphic novel adventure leads you into a world of ruins while World War 1. Valiant Hearts tells the emotional stories of four fates, who are  ...

Whateverland – Art Exploration mobile VR app

Sara Lisa Vogl, Germany (2015) Whateverland is a virtual art gallery, where artists can digitize and physicalize their creations with a 3D scanner and seamlessly integrate into the game world.  ...