Nominees Most Creative Game

Nominated in The Category Most Creative Game are:


Lumino City
State of Play, UK (2014)
Lumino City is a handmade puzzle adventure game. By exploring the city, and using your ingenuity piece together all sorts of puzzling mechanisms to help the people who live in its unique world. Discover gardens in the sky, towers marooned high on an immense waterwheel, and houses dug precariously into cliffs. To create the environment, a ten foot high model city was built by hand and by laser cutter, with each motor and light wired up individually, bringing the scenes to luminous life.

Among The Sleep

Among The Sleep
Krillbite Studios, Norway (2014)
Among the Sleep is a first person horror, in which you play as a two year old child. After being awoken abruptly by some mysterious sounds, you search the oppressive darkness for security and shelter. The game explores horror through vulnerability and fear.

Face It!

Navel, Germany (2015)
Mimics is a team-based, local multiplayer party game about making a fool of oneself in front of friends and family and watch them do the same. Players re-enact drawn faces, before their teammates must guess which face was portrayed.
Unconscious communication with facial expressions ranks among the most unique skills of human beings. Humans are experts at recognizing feelings in the slightest change of facial muscles. We constantly scan our fellows for those changes and take pleasure in learning more about the inner life of our counterpart. This talent, which we all trained for all of our lives, is the basis of Face It!.