At PLAY15, you can experience an exhibition of innovative, creative and experimental games. With a special focus on the topic of “emotion” and the nominees of the first Creative Gaming Awards, young designers of Hamburg and international media-artists invite you to see, talk and play with them.

In addition, you can catch a glimpse at the local games industry with our regular studio-tours!


This year’s topic is all about emotions. Sweat in a ring of brawling playdough-dolls and a phyisical knight joust. Find your inner calm as a deer in the forest or while waiting for the right train. Transfer yourself into an unfamiliar enviroment, like the fear of a little child, the situation of a homeless beggar or the daily repetitive activities of a cashier or of a customs officer. Experience war and peace, love and hate.

The exhibits are partly digital, partly installations, and will be accompanied by an art exhibition. We are looking forward to all the present developers, especially the up and coming youngsters of Hamburg. Additionaly to the core exhibition, you can try out the nominees of the Creative Gaming Awards and creations of Creative Gaming Workshops.

The exhibition will be open for extra long hours during the Late View on Friday night! Before and after dancing to chiptune beats by our PLAY at Night music artists in Terrace Hill, you are invited to stroll around the Alsterdamm’s rooms to catch your breath.

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