by Osmotic Studios

George Orwell’s novel „1984“ written in 1949 describes life under a totalitarian regime. Everything and everyone is watched. There is nothing the eyes of „Big Brother“ doesn’t see. This world is the opposite of freedom and individuality. This theme is also taken up by the text adventure „Orwell“. The visualization occurs via operating system and program / app interface. Here the player contacts government representatives, spies on fellow citizens und stores different individuals’ data. News flashes can be viewed und the player can react to incidents. It is an alarming look into what the combination of a control-obsessed authority and technological progress could bring. The game asks questions about personal rights and ethics. How far is control permitted to go? Where does freedom end and tyranny begin? But do not forget: it’s just a game.

Orwell was nominated for the Creative Gaming Award 2015 in the category Most Innovative Newcomer Game.

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