What is PLAY?

The PLAY – Creative Gaming Festival takes place from November 2-6 in Hamburg. It is hosted by the initiative Creative Gaming and is a unique festival about games off the mainstream.

Yet, what characterizes the festival? Which events are right for me? What is the reason, why the festival could establish itself as a milestone for gaming culture and media education? Who are the people behind the festival?

Here, a part of the team behind the PLAY – Creative Gaming Festival introduces itself and explains briefly why the festival is so special.


Andreas Hedrich, Festival Direction


Christiane Schwinge, Art Direction


Vera Marie Rodewald, Art Direction


 Karin Liau, Head of PLAY Headquarters


Sabrina Maaß, Workshop Direction


Valentina Birke, curator of the PLAY exhibition and coordination of the Creative Gaming Award


Christina Kutscher, Chief Editing and coordination of the Creative Gaming Award