Hamburg’s developer and publisher Bigpoint belongs to the biggest companies and is a showpiece of the city’s games industry. Here, the browser game giant has its main headquarter  ...


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Since 2009 the Gängeviertel is an important place in Hamburg for art, culture and discourse that preserves the historic buildings and offers a diverse program. The MOM at the Fabrique at  ...

Hamburg Rathaus

Hamburg’s townhall is not only the office of the senate and Bürgerschaft, but also one of the most beautiful and impressing buildings if the hase town.  

Haus 73

haus 73
The Kulturhaus III&70 or simply Haus (House) 73 offers room for artists for discussions, exhibitions and exchange. Whether it is literary, musical, theatrical, discursive, or dancing…  ...

Museum für Kunst und Gewerbe Hamburg

The Museum für Kunst und Gewerbe Hamburg (MKG) is one of the most significant museums for design and art in Europe. It contains 500,000 objects from 4,000 years history. It was opened […]


Information will be coming soon.


Information will be coming soon.

What is PLAY?

The PLAY – Creative Gaming Festival takes place from November 2-6 in Hamburg. It is hosted by the initiative Creative Gaming and is a unique festival about games off the […]


The Zentralbibliothek contains more than 500,000 eida and is the biggest library in Hamburg. It is located next to central station in the former main post office. As a modern […]