Das Narrenschiff – Verhandlung einer Utopie

Das Narrenschiff

Assuming theater is game, it is defined by rules and played by actors and spectators. Assuming theater is game, the rehearsal work means development of latitude and rules that evolve a conflict – staging of an experimental setup. Assuming theater is game, the premier would be the first trial, every following performance a repetition of the same game whose course and ending are open at the beginning of the game.

Assuming theater is game, “visiting the theater” means to have acted within the obliviousness of the game and to leave with the experiences of one’s own actions. Assuming theater is a protected space of action that enables the proving of utopias.

Is the reconciliation with myself an antisocial condition?

During the performance you can always enter or leave the playing field.

Direction: Kathia von Roth
Play: Judith Goldberg, Isabella Golinski, Agnes Jaworek, Rabea Lübbe, Laura Schuller, Alina Weber
Space: Torben Spieker
Costume: Julia Simmen
Oeil extérieur: Miko Hucko
Lighting: Daniel Kalinke
Assistance: Jil Lahr
Techical Realization: tele:kollektiv
Production Support: Benjamin Sohrt
Video und Bild: Dennis Poser

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