by kingPenguin

Retro in its purest of form, the game is simultaneously a freaky homage to four videogame classics including music in MIDI format. The two player game „Pacapong“ merges the visuals of „Pacman“ with the gameplay of „Pong“ and adds elements of „Space Invaders“ and „Donkey Kong“ to the mix. This not only sounds kind of funny, it actually plays that way. The 2D-visual of a labyrinth, through which the players fire their points-eating bullets in tennis-like fashion is simple and very old-school. Players 1 and 2 not only have to take obstacles and dangers in the corridors into account, they also must watch out for an invasion of aliens and a barrel-throwing monkey. However, the game never becomes unfair, since both players suffer equally from the stimulus-overkill. The goal is to have a higher score on your account than your opponent when time runs out.

A single keyboard is enough to play: the keys W, A, S and D for player 1, the arrow keys for player 2. Welcome to the past!

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