by VR•Nerds

Replacing your legs with your hands? Absolutely! „Whateverland“ is a planet in the virtual reality of „Lucid Trips“. Using VR-glasses and a hand-motion-controller you immerse yourself in a world where the laws of physics have been overridden. You elegantly run through the environment, jump high above the ground, climb skillfully to the top of the mountains and fly weightlessly over a landscape that you have never seen before, except maybe in your dreams. It is up to you where you go and what your bodiless character does in this place. Ghostlike arms on the screen mimic your hand’s movements and ensure that you can move around and are able to interact with the world. The creation mode, in which you create and change objects is still in development, but can be tried out here.

It is what the name implies; in „Whateverland“ (almost) anything is possible. A gaming dream come true in a wonderful world.

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