Die beste aller Welten

Die beste aller Welten

Looking for a better world we do not find better people, but those in whose refelection we feel best. And if we shouldn’t find them we will build them. What could be strange about an imaginary future?

A Young Lady‘s Illustrated Primer meets FLCL and an 8bit version of Battle Angel Alita. Moreover, it is time to turn the Turning Test.

“Die beste aller Welten” is a participatory play by and with people, robots and virtual spaces.

By and with:

Maike Drexler
Leonie Euler
Konrad Kolodziej
Ann-Kristin Mayr
Kaspar Veith
Third year at Hochschule für Schauspielkunst “Ernst Busch”
Department for Contemporary Puppet Theater

Artistic supervision:
Friedrich Kirschner & Gerold Schneider

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