PLAY15 encourages to talk! ..And there are so many questions in so many program parts: What is creative gaming? How do digital games create emotions? In that sense, what do books and games have in common? Can an artificial intelligence feel emotions? How do you become one of those media artists?

Escape the Room Games


“Escape the Room” Games are a trend, coming from Japan via Hungary to Europe and are, since about a year now, finally a thing in Germany too. In those real life Point’n’Click adventures, a group of people get’s locked up in a real room, from which they have to escape with clever combinations and puzzle solving to experience the story.

At PLAY, EtR-developers take a seat, present themselfes and their games, discuss ideas or perspectives and will for sure give the one or other hint.

Christian from Gamestorm Berlin
Christian from Team Break Out Hamburg
Philip from Big Break Hamburg
Simon from Team Escape Hamburg

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