Sebastian Kalemba


Sebastian Kalemba is Animation Director at CD Projekt RED with 10 years experience in the industry. At the same time he is tutor at iAnimate – animation online school. 

During over 10 years of work as a professional animator he participated in production of adverts, cinematics and movies to finally settle on directing animation in AAA games. For him, as he often says, story is the most defining thing in the animation. He always puts the strongest focus on the concept, that the way the character moves is defined by his (or her) backstory, motivation, and the role he or she has in the plot. The second thing is the quality – he has an ambition to provide the same quality which is known from cinematic animation to gameplay animation. Right now he focuses mainly on directing and that’s what fascinates him the most in the animation process. Apart from that he loves leading and managing teams, it helps him a lot in making right production decisions.

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