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Clip 2016

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Games in townhall


Irgendwann wird auch wieder November!

Januar 2016


Game Culture Hamburg eröffnet!

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PLAY16 bei MoinMoin - Rocket Beans TV

PLAY Show with Uke Bosse and Gunnar Krupp

Creative Gaming Award in the Hamburg Townhall

PLAY Exibition in the Kunsthaus Hamburg

Workshop Level 2: Locomotion in VR

PLAY on Stage: Die beste aller Welten

Family-Day: Workshops for Children with Adults

PLAY on Stage: Show with Stay Forever

Friends: Retrobörse

Impulse: “The Pillars of the Earth”

Friends: Games at Hamburg's townhall

PLAY on Stage: Das Narrenschiff

PLAY Conference: The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt

PLAY on Stage: A Connected Escape Game

Exhibiton: Virtual Reality and Body

Friends: Let's talk about Games

Exhibition: Game Culture Hamburg in the MKG

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PLAY16 - in the heart of Hamburg

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Game and Body - Let's Get Physical

How do we control figures in games? Why do we play sitting almost everytime and what is the ultimate Virtual Reality-experience? How are bodies depicted in games and which role does sexuality play? How about accessibility? These questions will be answered at PLAY – Creative Gaming Festival!

PLAY for everyone!

PLAY is the festival for games lover and gamer, indie developers, media artists, students, teacher, pedagogs, scientists and people from the gaming industry as well as everyone who wants to play with digital games and learn with and about them.

PLAY is an unique festival

PLAY – Creative Gaming Festival is the first and unique festival, which combines media art, discourse and education with the culture of digital games.