PLAY16 – Creative Gaming Festival


Let’s Get Physical – Game and Body
How do we control figures in games? Why do we play sitting almost everytime and what is the ultimate Virtual Reality-experience? How are bodies depicted in games and which role does sexuality play? How about accessibility? These questions will be answered at PLAY – Creative Gaming festival!

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PLAY for everyone!
PLAY is the festival for games lover and gamer, indie developers, media artists, students, teacher, pedagogs, scientists and people from the gaming industry as well as everyone who wants to play with digital games and learn with and about them.

PLAY – in Hamburg’s heart
Kunsthaus Hamburg/ Museum für Kunst und Gewerbe/ Zentralbibliothek/ City Hall/ Bigpoint/ MOM art space in the Gängeviertel

PLAY – Creative Gaming Festival is the first and unique festival, which combines media art, discourse and education with the culture of digital games.
The PLAY – Creative Gaming Festival addresses students, teacher, artists, people from the gaming industry, and people who are interested in  technology and culture. Most importantly, we invite everyone to experience and discover the diverse possibilities that computer games offer. PLAY shows what happens when you disregard the rules and simultaneously receive games as an important from of culture. There will also be insights in the gaming industry and many more events during the five-day festival.