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PLAY15 – 8th creative video gaming festival: this year och up Platt with Yared Dibaba

Classical cultural institutions and Hamburg’s artists enrich this year’s program. Once again the cultural importance of games is visible.

Reknerspeele und Platt geiht nich tohopen? PLAY15 shows that Low German and digital games go together at 16th and 17th September during a Live Let’s Play op Platt on stage at Ohnsorg Theatre. Yared Dibaba (NDR) hosts the show – in Low German and Standard German – about digital football games with northern German clubs, speaks with a Low German Let’s Player about the farming simulator, asks the audience for the perfect term for Low German gaming culture and thus unites three generations.

During the PLAY Show as opening for PLAY15 (15/9/2015, 21 h at Uebel & Gefährlich) will also feature the first “real” computer game “Smirkeys Dopehouse”. None other than Torsten Bage (Heinz Strunk) from Fraktus remembers the precursor of modern gaming culture, the development and small revolution that still creates a stir today.

Among the 150 events of this Year’s PLAY15 there are many highlights that demonstrate Hamburg’s culture. Whether it is a poetry slam at Nachtasyl, club parties at Terrace Hill, a Low German evening at the Ohnsorg Theatre, the film program at Metropolis cinema or Fraktus at Uebel & Gefährlich – PLAy shows new insights in art forms and the connection to digital games. The final highlight of the festival is the solemn awarding of the Creative Gaming award in the Spiegelsaal at the Museum für Kunst und Gewerbe.

Games and the classics of media culture
PLAY15 shows that there are multiple connections between classical media and digital games. Whether it is theatre, screed, language, cinema or art – at PLAY festival familiar art forms and digital games are connected in a creative way.

Live Let’s Play op Platt
Let’s Play, talk, josh with guests and audience in Low German with Yared Dibaba (NDR) as host – in Low German as well as Standard German. Among him there are Temmo Bosse and Gunnar Krupp on stage.
Place: Ohnsorgtheater
Time: 16 and 17/9/2015, 19 h

PLAY Show with Fraktus
In the PLAY Show during the opening of PLAY15 the first “real” computer game will be in the focus. None other than Torsten Bage (Heinz Strunk) from Fraktus remembers the precursor of modern gaming culture, the development of “Smirkeys Dopehouse” and the small revolution that still creates a stir today.
Place: Terrace Hill
Time: 15/9/2015, 19 h

Creative Gaming Award – Awardening
The finale of PLAY15 will take place at the Spiegelsaal at the Museum für Kunst und Gewerbe. The nominees of the Creative Gaming award will be presented and the chosen winners will be announced by the jury. Moreover, we will take a look at the most interesting, exciting and emotional moments of the past days of PLAY15 festival.
Uke Bosse will be the host of the evening.
Place: Spiegelsaal at Museum für Kunst und Gewerbe
Time: 19/9/2015, 20 h

All informationen, further program aspects and tickets:

PLAY15 is directed towards pupils, teacher, students, scientists, people from the games industry and people interested in games and the culture surrounding them. Everyone is invited to discover and test the various possibilities that digital games offer.

Since 2007 the initiative Creative Gaming e.V. hosts further educations, workshops and the annual national festival that stresses media pedagogical and artistic aspects of digital games. The initiative supports an alternative and artistic handling with digital games and thus offers concrete opportunities for actions for students, teachers and parents so that a creative and critical involvement can be achieved. At the same time they offer events that give exciting insights in the world of work of games industry and cultural elements.

Further information
If you have questions or photo inquiries, please contact Tina Ziegler
telephone: 0174-4440454 or 04521-84899-45 /

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