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PLAY15 – creative video gaming festival

Included in the program: multiple events about jobs in the games industry

More than 150 events at PLAY15 show new perspectives on digital games culture. Included are workshops, films, exhibitions, excluxive evening events with performances and poetry slam, further education, school workshops and lectures. This year’s PLAY conference examines educational and sociopolitical aspects of games. Beside emotions and digital games, the systematic perspective on digital games occupy centre stage this year.

Almost 20 places participate in showing the numerous facets of computer games so that everyone from theatre enthusiast to music fan, from scientist to illustrator can enjoy the festival.The creative video gaming festival offers a panel for thinking, testing and celebrating.

PLAY15 shows with its four areas, SEE, DO, TALK and PARTY, which possibilities of creative activities digital games offer and which occupational profiles are veiled. Thus, among others, the following questions will be discussed and explained: Where in Hamburg are digital games developed? How do I become game designer? What does a successful Let’s Play video need? Which jobs are there that are concerned with digital games?

Games and profession!
Digital games are an important medium of communication, entertainment, education and economy. Professionals are always needed. The industry lacks people with programming, designing, storytelling and music skills. Simultaneously there are degree courses that impart such skills. At PLAY15 computer game experts explain how they found their way into the industry and what is required to become, for instance, a game journalist.

Computer gaming as profession. Unusual jobs with digital games
Playing computer games as a job – a dream for many gamers. You can already study game design or game art. However, there are other professions next to developing games. For example, how does a Let’s Player earn money? Can you live from e-sports? Uke Bosse duscusses those questions and others with e-sportsman Kr0ne aka Joshua Bergehr (former FIFA world champion), Mikkel Robrahn (editor in chief at PietSmiet) and Christiane Schwinge (media pedagogue and initiator of Creative Gaming). The PLAY Show will be backed by Krachkisten Orchester.
Place: Terrace Hill
Time: 19/9/2015, 16.30 h

The game with the system. Systematic perspectives on digital games
A digital game is a complex system. Beside rules, graphical depiction, game machanics, aim and plot there are numerous elements that define how players ought to behave in virtual worlds. How can be use structures and dynamics from digital games for other systems like education and economy? On the contrast, how are structures of our society portrayed in digital games?
Place: Terrace Hill
Time: 17/9/2015, 16.30 h

PLAY 15 chatting corner in cooperation with Indie Treff Hamburg
A diverse scene of independent developers could establish themselves in Hamburg. In the PLAY15 chatting corner Hamburg’s indies introduce themselves and their games incredibly fast-paced.
Place: Alsterdamm School of Visual Arts
Time: 16 and 17/9/2015, 15-16 h

20 goto 10 – A first glimpse into programming
What is programming? What are the underlying principals? What paces the way from simple variable allocation to complex events happening on the screen? Which software is required to get started? We take a first look at the world of codes and have a showdown with examples.
Place: SAE Institute
Time: 16 and 18/9/2015, 13-15 h

Gamestours through Hamburg
PLAY15 shows with its daily Gamestours how diverse the games industry in Hamburg is. Among them are educational establishments, developing studios, publisher and journalists. How and where are games developed and discussed? PLAY15 offers and insight in different games companies.
The following tours are available:
SAE Institute and Daedalic / Time: 16/9/2015, 14-17 h
Bytro Labs and Rocketbeans TV / Time: 17/9/2015,14-17 h

Please register until 14/9/2015.

All information and tickets:

PLAY15 is directed towards pupils, teacher, students, scientists, people from the games industry and people interested in games and the culture surrounding them. Everyone is invited to discover and test the various possibilities that digital games offer.

Since 2007 the initiative Creative Gaming e.V. hosts further educations, workshops and the annual national festival that stresses media pedagogical and artistic aspects of digital games. The initiative supports an alternative and artistic handling with digital games and thus offers concrete opportunities for actions for students, teachers and parents so that a creative and critical involvement can be achieved. At the same time they offer events that give exciting insights in the world of work of games industry.

Further information
If you have questions or photo inquiries, please contact Tina Ziegler
telephone: 0174-4440454 or 04521-84899-45 /

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