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Creative Gaming Award 2015
More than 150 submissions, feedback is outstanding

Hamburg, 24th July, 2015. This year, for the first time, PLAY15 – Creative Video Gaming Festival (15-19th September 2015) bestows the Creative Gaming Award in the categories “Most Creative Game” and “Most Innovative Newcomer Game”.

After expiration of the deadline, there are more than 150 submissions from 24 countries. Among them, proposal from Singapore, Spain, Switzerland, Malta, Romania, Germany, Poland, USA, Russia, UK, Ireland, Austria, Belgium, Serbia, India, Colombia, Croatia, Denmark, Italy, Norway, France, Greece, Sweden, Brazil and Korea. Especially curator Valentina Birke is pleased that the award got about worldwide, although some games cannot be taken into consideration. “Maybe next year the competition will be expanded globally” says Birke.

Organizers have not expected such an amazing feedback. That makes it even more challenging for the jury – five media artists, art directors, journalists and publisher – to decide for a winner among the innovative developments.

The “Most Creative Game” award honours games that allow the gamer to be very creative. The award in this category is endowed with €3,000. Furthermore, the “Most Innovative Newcomer Game” award will be awarded. However, this time the focus is on the idea and innovation. For instance, this can be a special kind of gameplay, transmediality, former unknown or differently used ways of interaction within the game, essentially new graphics, new interfaces, inventive atmospheres or exceptionally seized societal issues. The newcomer award is endowed with €1,500. Additionally, a sponsor from the games industry will be conveyed to the developers, that mentors them for one year.

For the presentation the nominated developers (three nominations for each category) will be invited to Hamburg for the duration of the festival (15th September to 19th September, 2015). The nominated games can be played at the PLAY exhibition. The awards will be bestowed at the last day of PLAY15 – Creative Video Gaming Festival at the official and festive conferment.

“The numerous submissions for both awards are proof for the increasing relevance and attractiveness of PLAY15”, concludes Christiane Schwinge, speaker of Initiative Creative Gaming. “With the award we brought a new element to life that reinforces the international orientation of PLAY15, she says delighted.

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