PLAY15 encourages to talk! ..And there are so many questions in so many program parts: What is creative gaming? How do digital games create emotions? In that sense, what do books and games have in common? Can an artificial intelligence feel emotions? How do you become one of those media artists?

Playing with feelings. Emotions and digital games


Not only films can bring us close to tears. Digital games as well can trigger emotions. More and more computer games tell emotional stories and make us angry, sad or laugh. Figures from computer games are complex characters that can, beside running and shooting, feel. But how do they show their feelings? What do the players feel? And can digital games be controlled by emotions?

Uke Bosse and Felix Schröter (Universität Hamburg) discuss whether a computer game can make us cry and the culture scientist Christian Huberts shows us during a walk through GTA V, that the way we experience a game depends on how we play it. Fabian Schrodt (Universität Tübingen) shows us that the plumber Mario has feelings and Rune Kristian Lundedal Nielsen (DK) explains what the term “ludophil” means.

The PLAY Show will be backed by Krachkisten Orchester. The PLAY Show will partially be in English.

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