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Explosive Gefahr 3 – The Red Shadow Returns!

A temporarily escape the room game inside a container


The Red Shadow is returned and Hamburg is in danger again! Will he finally succeed to bring apart space and time with his quantumbomb? Just a handful brave agents can stop this supervillian now!

In this third and final episode of “Explosive Gefahr” (Explosive Danger), participants have to save the world again. Trapped in a container with a tireless ticking timebomb, they have just 20 minutes to disarm it. Solve tricky puzzles in the spare light of a flickering flashlamp and decide your final fate with the mother of questions: the red or the green wire?

The team of Gamestorm Berlin creates, next to other game culture projects, escape the room games and is experimenting with effects, actors and strange locations. Before this sixth game, they already designed games in musty cellars, libraries, other containers and even a moving van.

Every 30 minutes, a team of four persons can try to stop Red Shadow.


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