by Leif Rumbke

In Leif Rumbke‘s diploma project „Move“, an arcade game from 2006, what counts are coordination, nerves of steel and VERY good reflexes. Beneath the graphically simple 2D-surface and the MIDI sound slumbers a rock-hard challenge to perspective and endurance. You repeatedly dash and jump with a block (yes, a block) through different, color-and-light-dark-changing levels full of other blocks and additional obstacles in order to reach the end of the path for a given level. During the game it is you who controls the speed. Sounds simple, right? But it is tough, unforgivingly hard and gets harder and harder the further you progress in the game. And one error means: return to the beginning of the level. One could call this excessively difficult or maybe even unfair, but this was exactly how things were at the beginning of videogame history. And just like a real arcade game „Move“ wants to stop you on your way to your goal – as often as possible.

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