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The ComputerSpielSchule Hamburg (Hamburg ComputerGameSchool) was established in 2015 and is a regular and open media educational offer on locations in the libraries of Hamburg that change every half year. Here gaming-worlds can be experienced intergenerational and joint. The ComputerSpielSchule Hamburg addresses adolescents from 5th grade up and adults. Apart from the regular offers holiday workshops and single day workshops concerning topics all around games are being organised.

At the Family Day the ComputerSpielSchule (short CSH) will offer various stations. Visitors can gain insights in the project and experience hands on how school days at the CSH can be. Children, adolescents and families can use a stamp card, which acts as a guide through the CSH, which will be located at the Kunsthaus. For everyone who manages to complete the stamp card, there will be a small prize.

Station 1: “The Gamesbar”
This station allows visitors to not only play the games shown in the PLAY16 exhibition, but also CSH games on Wii U and Playstation 4. Besides games that challenge players to move, there will be classics like Mario Kart.

Station 2: “Let’s Play!”
This station from the CSH shows participants how to produce a Let’s Play video. Of course, there will be members of the CSH to explain how it is done and there will be lots of gaming.

Station 3: “1 Game 3 Questions”
This very first station of the CSH allows first reflections on the game and will be in cooperation with the PLAY16 exhibition. After playing a game, participants will answer three questions about it – it’s that simple.

Station 4: “Game description”
The advanced version of “1 Game 3 Questions” asks participants to answer various questions of the game while playing it, in order to write a detailed description of it in the end.

Joker 1: Live Let’s PLAY16
Once an hour there will be a Live Let’s Play that omits the recording and features the player, who plays and comments live in front of an audience.

Joker 2: GameGame
The GameGame is a simple yet effective way to learn more about game design. A small group can gather and create a concept for a game. The elements and challenges can be diverse and in the end the potential publishers have to persuaded.

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