Gabriele Linde

Gabriele Linde

Gabriele Linde is a freelance outdoor education pedagog, game master, speaker and ‘Teaching Artist”. She recetly founded HiddenCampus, where she develops workshops that discover and create hidden (literal) playgrounds: Spaces for learning and experiencing that can emerge everywhere and allow people to grow and develop. After working in the music industry for 15 years in marketing, coordination and events as well as MBA Marketing at the Steinbeishochschule Berlin she works at different gaming festivals and events since 2014 as for instance Playpublik in Cracow, 72 Hours Interaction, Witten, Counterplay, Aarhus and Jugend – Game Design Camps of PASCH / Goethe Instituts South America in Chile, Brasil, Argentina und Columbia. She holds seminars at various universities in Cologne concerning games and urban game, holds improvisation theater coursed at Spielraum e.V., hosts Midnight Mystery Impro Rides in Cologne, presents Cool Ideas Society e.V. and ChangeMakerSpace Social Innovation Events, is coordinator of Agora Köln, member of League of Creative Interventionists and curates and organizes the international Playfestival „playin‘ siegen“ 2017.

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