Paul Lubos

Paul Lubos

Paul Lubos is a PhD student at the Human-Computer Interaction Group of the Department of Informatics of the University of Hamburg. He finished his Master of Science in Computer Sciences degree in September 2013 at the University of Münster and worked from October to March 2014 at the Immersive Media Group of the University of Würzburg and since April 2014 at the University of Hamburg.

The overall field of his research is “Touching the Third Dimension” or, more generally speaking, the field of 3D user interfaces, while the topic is “Comfort in 3DUIs”. His research focuses on an often neglected aspect of the 3DUI research, the comfortable use thereof. He has conducted various Fitts’ Law studies and is currently working on (super-) natural ways to improve the overall understanding of 3DUIs and trying to make their use more comfortable in the long term.

Moreover, he offers the lecture Interactive Game Development in the Master of Science Informatics course and has a keen interest in the development of computer games.

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