In the cosmos – Pixelbros Podcast about motion control and virtual reality

The various friends in our cosmos are as diverse as the festival itself. In the course of the now ninth Creative Gaming festival we did not only welcome many supporters and visitors, but also a growing number of pedagogs, media scientists, artists, developers and, of course, gamers, that are connected to the festival in some way or another. This is the PLAY cosmos.

There are 100 days left until PLAY16 begins and in order to make these days better, people from our cosmos will talk about the topic of this year ‘’Lets Get Physical – Game and Body” and share some interesting facts about the festival.

In the beginning, the guys from Pixelbros, an independant and entertaining podcast that has been around since early 2015, recorded a special episode for PLAY16.  The conversations between Patrick, Marlon, Simon, Sebastian and Philippp are published several times a month. These conversations can be found in the iTunes charts for quite some time. Their 33rd episode is about their experiences with motion control and virtual reality – from childhood memories to predictions on the future of gaming.

Unfortunately, this podcast is only available in German.

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