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Creative Gaming Award 2016

The initiative Creative Gaming will host the Creative Gaming award 2016. As part of the annual PLAY – Creative Gaming festival European indie game developers have the chance to submit their creative and innovative games. The submission starts May 17th.

Indie devs from all over Europe can submit their games. The Creative Gaming award focuses on creative games and
playful media, that give the player the possibility to interact creatively with and within the game. The innovation, that is connected with the development of the game, can be showcased by a special gameplay, transmediality, unknown possibilities of interaction within the game, essential graphic innovations, new interfaces, uncommon atmospheres, visual breakthroughs or new topics that are being dealt with in the game. “We are excited to play novel, innovative and creative submission!”, says Valentina Birke, curator of the exhibition and head of the Creative Gaming award.

The Creative Gaming award will be awarded in two categories:

Most Creative Game
This category is directed to experienced developers that have already published one or more games. Beta versions and completed projects can be submitted. The award is endowed with a prize money.

Most Innovative Newcomer
This category is directed to newcomer developers that have NOT published a game yet. In this category, prototypes as well as alpha and beta versions can be submitted. This award too is endowed with a prize money. Additionally, the winners receive a one-year mentoring.

The nominated games also receive a place in the PLAY exhibition and participate in the festive awarding ceremony on November 5, 2016. During the festival, nominated developers are invited to Hamburg.

The deadline is soon!

The competitive call for this year’s Creative Gaming award starts on May 17, 2016. The deadline is on July 17, 2016. Until then European developers can submit their games and thus take a chance to win the coveted Creative Gaming award.

The agony of choice

An international jury with members from different branches of the gaming industry will chose from this year’s nominees. On November 5, 2016, the Creative Gaming award will be given to the lucky winners at the festive awarding ceremony. The nominated games will be showcased at the PLAY exhibition and can be played by visitors of the PLAY – Creative Gaming festival.

Last year’s overwhelming response

The Creative Gaming award was first presented in 2015 at the PLAY – Creative Gaming festival. More than
150 submissions from over 20 countries proved its popularity. Among the winners were Jolly Jousting (Audience Award), an installation that combined medieval sports with contemporary and virtual techniques, and Lucid (Most
Innovative Newcomer Game), an Austrian eyetracking adventure. The main category’s winners were the Norwegian developers from Krillbite Studios with their atmospheric game Among the Sleep.

Background, organisers and the festival

For the ninth time, PLAY – Creative Gaming festival takes place from November 2-6, 2016 in Hamburg.
The first and unique festival combines media art, discourse and education with the culture of digital games.
The PLAY conference discusses new perspectives on games while our diverse workshops demonstrate the creative, yet critical use of games. Our interactive indie game exhibition foregrounds games off the mainstream.

Since 2007 the initiative Creative Gaming works in the fields of art and education and
could establish itself as a pioneer for the media pedagogical and creative use of
computer games.

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