Lumino City


by State of Play Games

The single player game „Lumino City“ is the sequel to the puzzle-game „Lume“ of 2001. The player accompanies the character Lumi on her search for her kidnapped grandfather. The point-and-click adventure takes you through a mysterious city in which you get to know many different kinds of individuals, scout out buildings and solve puzzles. To do this the production team built the town of Lumino City out of cardboard, little motors and lamps. On your journey you must travel through a real 3-meter-high model. Everything you see really does exist. Point & click adventures veterans will feel they are right at home in the classical gameplay, but the real scene and the (pseudo-)physical foundation of „Lumino City’s“ world is not only original and refreshing, it is also an impressive idea that has not been seen in a videogame before.

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