(Deutsch) Gunnar Neuhaus

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(Deutsch) Tina Ziegler

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Andreas Hedrich

As the initiator and spokesperson of the Initiative Creative Gaming Andreas Hedrich has been pleading for the creative use of video games since 2006. He is also a member of […]

Arvid Hansen Díaz

Arvid is a computer scientist and had his first contact with the video game world when his dad brought home a 286 Siemens & Nixdorf computer from the office and […]

Christiane Schwinge

Christiane Schwinge studied education, psychology and sociology. After her studies, she worked at several media pedagogical research projects. Currently, she is a network coordinator at the  ...

Christina Kutscher

Christina studies English and German at the TU Braunschweig. Besides, she is an editor. Amongst other things, she writes at her blog At PLAY15 she is responsible for editorial […]

Eric Rameken

Eric Rameken, born 1991, studies Media and Information at the HAW Hamburg. At PLAY15, he is taking care of different graphical issues.

Farbod Mahoutchiyan

You can meet Farbod Mahoutchiyan at almost every small or big event. Whether it is media pedagogically important, live streams, ice hockey, cinema or games – you find him at […]

Jakob Kopczynski

Jakob Kopczynski is co-founder of the initiative Creative Gaming, member of jaf – Verein für medienpädagogische Praxis and lecturer at HAW Hamburg. At PLAY15, Jakob is part of the  ...

Jan Krienke

Jan Krienke has studied educational science, German and History to become a secondary teacher. During his studies he has build the media padagocial project ComputerSpielSchule Greifswald together  ...

Jonas Ibel

Jonas Ibel, born in 1992, studies media and information at the HAW Hamburg. At PLAY15 he is responsible for the Creative Gaming Award.

Karin Liau

Karin Liau studied french horn at the “Hochschule für Musik und Theater” in Hamburg and sometimes still performs with the doubtless most beautiful instrument that exists. At the  ...

Kathrin Joswig

Kathrin Joswig studied science of education at the University of Hamburg. She works with creative gaming since 2011 and is also involved in numerous other projects in media education. She […]

Mats Mumme

Mats Mumme, born in 1992, studies Library and Information Management at the HAW Hamburg. At PLAY15, he is responsible for the festival’s headquarter.

Matthias Löwe

Matthias Löwe is engaged in workshops, talks and festivals in association with the Initiative Creative Gaming to establish an artistic and creative use of games. As an interaction designer, he is  ...

Nike Wilhelms

Nike Wilhelms free-lances in the area of text and concept. At PLAY15, she is part of the press team. For her favourite game, she does not need a console, as her […]

Nina Mair

Nina Mair
Nina Mair, born in 1993, studies media and information at the HAW Hamburg. Currently she serves an internship at jaf – Verein für Medienpädagogische Praxis e.V., works for the online […]

Shelly Alon

shellyalon small
Shelly Alon was born 1991 in Israel, moved to Hamburg when he was eleven and is still there. He studied design and is currently working as an independent game developer. […]

Valentina Birke

Valentina Birke, social worker, born in 1989, studies culture and media managament in Hamburg. At PLAY15, Valentina is head of the department SEHEN. She loves 2-D point-and-click-adventures  ...

Vera Marie Rodewald

Vera Marie Rodewald is working as a freelance media educator in Hamburg. In September 2015 she is starting to work at Hamburg University of Applied Sciences as well. She is […]

Vincent Büker

Vincent Büker was born in 1996 and studies graphic design at the Alsterdamm school of visual arts in Hamburg. At PLAY15, he helps the graphics department.