Andreas Hedrich

As the initiator and spokesperson of the Initiative Creative Gaming Andreas Hedrich has been pleading for the creative use of video games since 2006. He is also a member of […]

Christiane Schwinge

Christiane Schwinge studied education, psychology and sociology. After her studies, she worked at several media pedagogical research projects. Currently, she is a network coordinator at the  ...

Jakob Kopczynski

Jakob Kopczynski is co-founder of the initiative Creative Gaming, member of jaf – Verein für medienpädagogische Praxis and lecturer at HAW Hamburg. At PLAY15, Jakob is part of the  ...

Vera Marie Rodewald

Vera Marie Rodewald is working as a freelance media educator in Hamburg. In September 2015 she is starting to work at Hamburg University of Applied Sciences as well. She is […]