Creative Gaming in the theatre, at the movies, in the club. Poetry slammers, actors and actresses and filmmakers show what they've got. The final highlight of the festival will be set by the closing ceremony, where independent developers will be awarded with the Creative Gaming Award.

Machinima theatre


The first 3D and non-linear video game worlds of the mid 90s paved the way for the first movies filmed exclusively in the environments of digital games. The word machinima – a composition of “machine”, “animation” and “cinema” – describes the art of making a cinematic movie solely by using scenes that are generated with real-time computer graphic engines. About 20 years have passed and the development in technology and the awareness of how traditional storytelling can be adapted to machinimas have evolved drastically since then.

PLAY15 will present two different cinematic programs with the Creative Gaming Show and the A MAZE./ Night of Machinima, which show the variety of international and German machinima productions.

A MAZE./ Night of Machinima

The art of mixing an interactive medium with the visual style of a movie is entering new ground: Directing, acting and producing machinimas can be done by a one man […]
Location: Metropolis Kino
  • Wednesday, 16.09.2015 19:00-20:00 Uhr

The fabulous Creative Gaming Show

The midday show of our machinima-cinema features professional productions, game culture, and creations developed in workshops of the Initiative Creative Gaming. Those movies where done by  ...
Location: Metropolis Kino
  • Thursday, 17.09.2015 14:00-15:00 Uhr