Anne Sauer

Anne Sauer
Anne Sauer is a media pedagogue at outermedia. She is an editor and does conceptional work for She is responsible for media pedagogical workshops with children, teenagers and adults.  ...

Audience Award

The audience Award is voted by the PLAY15 audience. Every game from the exhibition takes part of the contest of winning the audiences hearts. A highly professional glue-point-based system was  ...

Audience Award 2015

Jolly Jousting
Audience Award 2015, Jolly Jousting Elitza Todorova, Marvin Podsendek and Raphael Polte won the Audience Award with their medieval interactive game Jolly Jousting. The great mix of costumes,  ...

Creative Gaming Award

Play15 – festival for creative gaming introduces the new Creative Gaming Awards in the categories Most Creative Game and Most Innovative Newcomer Game. It is possible to submit concepts,  ...

Isabelle Arvers

Isabelle Avers is a french media artist, critique  and author. She gives lectures and workshops about gaming. Besides, she is a performing artist and works within the fields of retro gaming, […]

Leif Rumbke

Leif Rumbke works as a freelance software developer. Since he studies at the Media and Art School Cologne he deals with gaming from a practical as well as a theoretical and artistic perspective.  ...

Mareike Ottrand

Mareike Ottrand
Mareike Ottrand was born in 1983, to the surprise of her parents, with a pencil in her hand. Hence her career options were quite narrow. After drawing a lot of bunnies […]

Michel Koch

Michel Koch started his career in 2003 as a freelance illustrator for various collectible card games, role playing games and book covers. Since then, he has worked on many well-known […]

Most Creative Game 2015

Among The Sleep
Most Creative Game 2015, Among The Sleep Among the Sleep by Krillbite Studios won the first Creative Gaming Award in the category Most Creative Game. On behalf of the whole team Kristina  ...

Most Innovative Newcomer Game 2015

Most Innovative Newcomer Game 2015, LUCID LUCID, a project by students, won an award in the category Most Innovative Newcomer Game. The team of five from Austria won 1500€ and mentoring for one  ...

Nominees Most Creative Game

Nominated in The Category Most Creative Game are: Lumino City State of Play, UK (2014) Lumino City is a handmade puzzle adventure game. By exploring the city, and using your ingenuity […]

Nominees Most Innovative Newcomer Game

The Most Innovative Newcomer Game Award is endowed with 1500€ and a one year long support by Kai Fiebig from Daedalic Entertainment. The trophy money is sponsored by BIU – Bundesverband  ...

Raoul Barbet

Raoul Barbet is the co-Game Director of the game Life is Strange. After studying engineering, he specialized in project management and production pipeline, particularly in cultural and  ...

Submission Form / Einreichformular

Terms of Participation

Terms of Participation Creative Gaming Award 2015 The registration and submission for the Creative Gaming Award is taking place online via All data, videos and other submission  ...