At PLAY15, you can experience an exhibition of innovative, creative and experimental games. With a special focus on the topic of “emotion” and the nominees of the first Creative Gaming Awards, young designers of Hamburg and international media-artists invite you to see, talk and play with them.

In addition, you can catch a glimpse at the local games industry with our regular studio-tours!

The Marchland

themarchland_promo (Andere)

Daniel Ernst, Netherlands (2015)

The Marchland is the third in a sequence of diorama’s: It puts the visitor in a toll booth where the unseen passes by. Spectres of cars only visible by drops of rain drive pass through the toll barrier. In the periphery of his vision the spectator can spot and hear objects that vanish when he purposely looks at them. Are these ghosts, or could the spectator be one?

Here, being in a virtual space is a full experience in itself – Interactivity is used to enhance the sense of presence, not solve a puzzle or reach the end of a level.

Daniel researched the possibilities of narrative through illusions in his graduation and worked on the Overlord games and Cargo Commander. In addition, he taught art and design at the University of the Arts (HKU) and founded The Shoebox Diorama in 2013.

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