Nominees Most Innovative Newcomer Game

The Most Innovative Newcomer Game Award is endowed with 1500€ and a one year long support by Kai Fiebig from Daedalic Entertainment. The trophy money is sponsored by BIU – Bundesverband Interaktive Unterhaltungssoftware.

Nominated in the Category Most Innovative Newcomer Game are:


Osmotic Studios, Germany (tba)
Orwell is an interactive thriller about digital surveillance in which the player takes on the role of the watcher. As a new investigator in the governmental security program “Orwell” you are assigned the investigation of an activist group. Orwell itself is a software, a toolset that allows you to research online documents, observe messages and chats, wire-tap telephone calls and intrude into personal devices. It is your job as a trustworthy citizen to gather relevant pieces of data about the target individuals and fill their personal profiles to ultimately uncover the perpetrators of the assaults. But are these people really terrorists? Are they really guilty? What if you find out things about them that not even their loved ones know? What is the real price for maintaining the security the Nation is yearning for? Digging through the most private documents confronts you with many inconvenient questions. And there is only one thing for sure: Nobody is innocent.


Carina Anziger, Philip Sonnleitner, Dominik Winter, Bianca Zankl, Florian Peinsold, Austria (2015)
Lucid is a 3D platformer with strong narration and the support of an eye-tracker, which transfers the players view into the game. With this and a mysterious voice, players have to solve puzzles and try to escape a surreal world.


Sara Lisa Vogl, Germany (2015)
Whateverland is a virtual art gallery, where artists can digitize and physicalize their creations with a 3D scanner and seamlessly integrate into the game world. Every piece of art offers unique interactions based on the artists’ intentions and concepts. Users then have the opportunity to purchase the artwork and materialize them as 3D prints. Whateverland will feature work by well-known artists like Gero Doll, famed German painter Neo Rauch, graffiti artist Daim, Rolf Bergmeier, and others. A unique controlling system makes the game a very real experience. Every interaction with the environment and every motion are linked to a virtual avatar. Every interaction in real life like walking, jumping, climbing, swimming, and even flying by simply spreading out your arms, are convincing in the game.

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