Dissecting Sea of Solitude: Monster Design Based on Human Emotions

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Sea of Solitude is a third-person adventure game and was released on July 5th 2019. It is a game about struggling with your inner monsters and overcoming your loneliness. As a very personal project of Jo-Mei Games’ creative director Cornelia Geppert it is tackling issues of mental health.

The game follows the premise “when humans get too lonely – they turn into monsters.” This is what happened to Kay, a young woman awaking in a stormy ocean. She embarks on a journey to find out what happened to her, encountering other monsters, who – like her – suffer from loneliness.

Sea of Solitude is often complimented for its art-style as well as their monster designs. The reasons why so many things with the designs of its world and characters seem right is that there is meaning and intent behind everything.

The impulse is a look beyond the explicit narrative and a presentation of Jo-Mei’s implicit design decisions.

The impulse will be held in English.

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