Don’t Look

Dont Look
Vincent Arnol, You-Jeen Mette, Louis Naudin, Florian Alazais, Marine Espinasse, Axel Malherbe | FR | tba Don’t Look is a 3D side-view horror game using the Eye tracking technology. Play […]

My Brave Voice

My Brave Voice
Patrick Eckardt | DE | tba My Brave Voice is a collection of mini games dealing with bullying at school. The avatar is controlled with one’s own voice. Nominated for […]

Pile Up!

Pile Up
Seed by Seed | FR | tba Pile Up is a 1 to 4-player co-op 3D puzzle platformer for friends and families! As little cardboard boxes named Boxlings, jump joyfully, […]


Pixelatto | ES | 2019 Reventure is a nonlinear puzzle platformer where every decision matters, with 100 different endings and tons of humor. Its dynamic story system uses more than […]


Appnormales Team | ES | 2018 When Quinn wakes up alone in a locked room with nothing of note save for a computer hooked up to a chat room, you […]

Welcome to Elk

Triple Topping Games | DK | 2020 Elk is an island with tales of real stories. Stories from people who have experienced them or who have heard first-hand accounts. You […]