PLAY Exhibition


Since the beginning of time, the unknown and fearful is formed into something. From the symbolic black nothing of a frightening Night, we imagined the wildest fantastic figures: Monsters, representing the fears and sorrows of their generations, which tell their own stories, sometimes even stories of whole worlds. Thunder-gods and moral-driven mystic creatures, cute japanese ghosts, plague-vampires and rotten societies in the picture of Dorian Gray, the white shark, Skynet and nano-bees. Monsters are imaginations – but who decides their form or what or who a monster actually is?

In the exhibition you can control or defeat creative monsters, meet funny ones and strange creatures, learn about monsters, who are tangible metaphers and the ones who are not tangible at all, but still around. And if you look close enough you may encounter monsters who seem evil, but are not.

In the same space you can find and play the nominees of this year’s Creative Gaming Award. Use the time until the Award Show to guess which one takes the prize. The Audience Award is chosen by the audience itself – and every game in the exhibition can be selected by you!