What PLAY15 was like.

A few months before this year’s PLAY – Creative Gaming Festival starts, we remember PLAY15. Last year’s festival was full of exciting discussions, interesting encounters and especially full of amazing players.

From 15th to 19th September 2015 you can play with games in Hamburg! More than 150 events show the creative potential and emotions you can find in games. PLAY15 is annually hosted by the initiative Creative Gaming e.V. and proves that games, culture, education, economy, science and politics go together.

The program is divided into four parts: SEE, DO, TALK and PARTY: PLAY15 offers exhibitions, workshops, talks, performances, aconference and many more events that present to you the culture of digital games. This year, it is getting emotional! The topic “emotions and digital games” is this year’s focus: Do artificial intelligences have feelings? How does a game trigger emotions? Like a common thread emotions lead through all our events.


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